About the Artist,
Robyn Richardson


Capturing milestone moments…
your son’s graduation, your daughter’s smile with a mouth full of braces,
that indelible face of your aging grandparent,
or the warmth of your family members
huddled together… 

I am passionate about capturing your family’s best moments. Those lasting memories
are known to lift your spirits and communicate your deep family values. Experts agree that
family portraits give your children a sense of inclusion and belonging,
and portraits add warmth and personality to your home.  

I admit it…I am a perfectionist! I will work with you through each phase from
planning the ideal location for shooting to frames and
portrait placements on your walls…and then I will personally
frame and hang them!

We will work together to produce unique artwork that is custom, personal,
and carefully curated to bring you joy.

My career as a portrait artist began early. As a child loved capturing the wonder of nature on film—
and I got hooked! After earning my degree in Fine Arts at the University of Northern Iowa,
my education and training never stopped. I’m committed to always finding new ways to bring
important images to life.

And telling your family’s visual story is my passion… 

We don’t remember the days,

we remember moments.

My passion for photography is
in the ability to stop time, if ever so briefly, and preserve a memory, a feeling, a moment…forever. All of these intangibles are brought to life with the power of a portrait. I’m here to choreograph the most priceless piece of art that you’ll ever own, because it’s of your loved ones. A family portrait on the wall is anything but silent. It is the tangible representation of feelings and it exudes the emotion of relationships…at this beautiful moment in time.